New “Classroom” page

I introduced a newClassroom” page on my web site. The page will contain videos, tablatures and sound bites of various resonator guitar materials. Right now there are 2 videos with my arrangements of fiddle tunes in key of C, 2 videos of Mike Auldridge songs and 1 video of Jerry Douglas solo. Everything played on my guitar built by Karel Zacal ( The songs were materials I was teaching at my past Resoland workshops. All tunes have free tabs for download. Feel free to check them out. Comments are welcome too. I will post more materials in future so stay tuned or subscribe to my mailing list here.    

31.Musique Acoustique Workshop, Virton, Belgium

virton2013I’ll be teaching the resonator guitar (Dobro) at Musique Acoustique again this year. The workshop will have 13 international teachers of different instruments which are used in acoustic music. Find more informations at:

The date of the workshop is March, 28th – April 2nd, 2016

My program for 2016 is: every particular day in the workshop week to cover one particular key (G,D,C,A,F), which I consider as a crucial and basic for sufficient playing (Monday – G major, Tuesday – D major and so on ) and provide their complete theoretical and technical analysis to help my students to understand how they functions on the Dobro. My goal is to gain your freeboard knowledge and help you to strengthen the ability to use those keys in your own playing and thus provide the base for your further study of resonator guitar playing. Every key will be covered by its corresponding scale, chords, exercises and a tune. Plus some very useful scales for those keys,  like major and minor pentatonics and blues scales will be covered too.
If you need a bit of inspiration, if you are eager to learn something new or to look on the old know things from different perspective, if you want to meet some new resonator guitar friends or/and jam with other musicians, Virton’s Workshop is the right place for you.
Looking forward to see you there!    

Red Wine 7th Bluegrass Party-Genova,IT

I spent great weekend playing with my friends from Red Wine, a great Italian bluegrass band, at their perfectly organized 7th Bluegrass Party in their hometown, gorgeous Genova! Red Wine gathered excellent gang of musicians from different genre to present music from bluegrass, folk, irish, country and swing. Thank you guys, keep rollin’! Here are few pictures

9th Resoland Workshop – The phenomenon of Jerry Douglas

9th Resoland workshop will be held on March 20-22.  2015 in our cabin in Slovakia, not far from Bratislava. This time we are opening an interesting topic: “The phenomenon of Jerry Douglas” with the first part called “Early Jerry”, where we’ll discuss and analyze his playing at the beginning of his musical career recorded on albums like Fluxology, Manzanita, One Way Track and the like. Our goal is to understand the music of Jerry, his technique and approach and learn how to play some of his memorable solos. Unfortunately, at present time is the workshop available just for Slovak and Czech students, but I plan to organize an international workshops in near future. Stay tuned! However, everybody who are interested in materials covered at the workshop, feel free to check out a workshop’s page and contact me.