resoland logoResoland are thematically focused, weekend “face-to-face” workshops under my leadership and with the help of my family, organized in the family cottage in the heart of the Little Carpathians near Bratislava. Participation is open to all resophonic guitar players who are interested in a specific for every workshop established topic. The number of students is the capacity constraints.

Previous Resoland workshops:

Resoland workshop no.1 (18.- 20.5. 2012) Topic: Understand your fretboard Resoland workshop no.2 (3.-5.7.2012) Topic: Mike Auldridge-founder of modern Dobro playing Resoland workshop no.3 (12.-14., 19-20.10.2012) Topic: How to create your own break Resoland workshop no.4 (8.-10.3.2013) Topic: Backing up, how to play behind the singer Resoland workshop no.5 (28.-30.6.2013) Topic: Josh Graves-the father of bluegrass Dobro Resoland workshop no.6 (27.-29.10.,1.-3.11.2013) Topic: Fiddle Tunes on Dobro in D major Resoland workshop no.7 (28.2.-2.3.2014) Topic: Focused on C Major Resoland workshop no.9 (20.3.-22.3.2015) Topic: The Phenomenon of Jerry Douglas part1. – Early Jerry Resoland workshop no.10 (11.-13.9.2015) Topic: The Phenomenon of Jerry Douglas part2. – Prime Times Resoland workshop no. 11 (11.-13.12.2015) Topic: Key of A without a capo Resoland workshop no.12 (18.-20.11.2016) Topic: Blues on the Dobro part 1. – basics Resoland workshop no.13 (20.-22.10. 10.-12.11.2017) Topic: Backups and how to play behind the singer Resoland workshop no.14 (18.5-20.5.2018) Topic: Do you really know your fretboard? Resoland workshop no.15 (22.-24.3.2019) Topic: Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs