Resoland workshop no.12

(18.-20., 25.-27.11.2016) Topic: Blues on the Dobro part 1. – basics

This was the only workshop I set up in 2016, and it happened in two dates. In the second one we invited in our Resoland family a new member Mr. Pavel Bohm.

I guess there is no music genre for which would be the Dobro, or if you want a resonator guitar more suitable than blues. The ability to play notes with long sustain, slides and expressive, dynamic almost vocal like quality of the instrument predestinate it for playing blues. In addition, blues as a genre blend with bluegrass, country and jazz, so it is essential that an aspiring resonator aficionados, without debate, know this genre.

In this first part I focused on the basic form of blues, structure, melodic and harmonic aspects, feelings and the like. We practiced all that on a simple blues shuffle.

We took over the structure of the minor pentatonic scale, the major pentatonic and the blues scales. I explained what is the dominant seventh chord as the basic of blues harmony and the possibilities of playing it on the Dobro. Further we set up the basics of blues improvisation and learned a few typical blues licks topped with one whole blues tune.

I also introduced to students my lap steel guitar made for me by Mr. Holoubek from Prag.

Tunes and excercises:

  1. Blues in E – shuffle feel
  2. few common blues licks, scales and excercises
  3. Before The Blues (Jerry Douglas)

I think everyone who attended the workshop has been given a good base to improve and recognize the blues and especially in connection with his resophonic guitar.

Here are some pictures from both dates: