Resoland Workshop no.12 – “Blues on the Dobro” part. 1

Resoland Workshop no.12 is here. Entitled “Blues on Dobro” part.1. this is the first time to discuss this topic at Resoland workshop.

Long notes, slide techniques and almost vocal-like quality of the resonator guitar makes it no.1 candidate to play the blues. Besides, blues is undoubtedly a part of bluegrass, country and jazz, so aspiring Dobro player should without discussion know it.

On this first part we’ll be dealing with form, feeling and structure of the simple blues, dominant7 chords, minor pentatonic and blues scales and also learn couple of blues songs.

The date of the workshop is November 18-20.2016

Note: due to full first date of the workshop I added a second date – November 25.-27.2016

2 thoughts to “Resoland Workshop no.12 – “Blues on the Dobro” part. 1”

  1. Gosh ! I’m sad that I have no opportunity to come back from Cuba for your workshop, the schedule of airplanes are a little bit complicated. But I will remain you that idea for Virton’s workshop. I begin to depress for being in the right mood when time of Blues will come.
    So far have a nice time!

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