Resoland workshop no.11

(11.-13.12.2015) Topic: Key of A without a capo

In Resoland workshop no.11 I have decided to focus on the key in which the dobroist often goes for the capo, especially if it is a faster song or a fiddle tune. Playing an instrument tuned in G major and not using a capo requires certain skills, a little change in approach, and a detour from using classic licks and schemes. However, this can bring some interesting possibilities and colorations to your arrangements and playing.

The workshop took place less than two weeks before the Christmas holidays, yet we filled all 4 places.

The playing of songs itself was preceded by a theoretical training, in which I tried to explain how the A major works on the Dobro guitar, supported by exercises and examples. We also explored and tried to be familiar with the A minor pentatonic scale.

The tunes we were working on:

  1. Clinch Mountain Backstep
  2. Cripple Creek
  3. Old Joe Clark
  4. Red Haired Boy

With the key of A, we had quite hard times and it’s clear that the results will arrive after a certain amount of time spent with the instrument, training and polishing the details, as well as working on and creating your own arrangements in this interesting key. However, the result will certainly be worth it.

Here are some pictures from the workshop: