Resoland workshop no.7

(28.2.-2.3.2014) Topic: Focused on C Major

At the turn of the months of February and March, Resoland held its first workshop in 2014.
The theme of the workshop was: “Focus on C Major”, with an aim – to know everything about this key and playing the Dobro in it.
Despite the season, the weather was explicit “spring” outside quite warm and sunny.

The intro of the workshop has always been warm-up, rolls, chords, scales, no exception this time. Furthermore repeating of the “theory” related to C major and playing tunes in it for gaining orientation and development of our “fretboard map”. An enrichment was: searching for tones on the fretboard with the assistance of play-along. This followed by an analysis of songs and by playing them with a play-along accompaniment.

The evening was traditional “cinemas”, this time we enjoyed old videos from Dobrofest.


  • Boston Boy
  • East Tennessee Blues
  • Billy In The Lowground
  • Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  • Home Sweet Home

I think everyone was satisfied and we returned to our homes with the feeling of a well-done job with more skills and knowledge.

Pictures from the workshop:

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