Resoland workshop no.13

(20.-22.10. 10.-12.11.2017) Topic: Backups and how to play behind the singer.

thanks to this attractive and often desirable topic, this time we arranged two dates of the workshop and both were full. The weather had a clear autumn character, but it didn’t matter to us – we had more than enough work to do.

In our little Resoland family, we welcomed two new members, p. Miloš Kramný and p. Peter Korbel, who had a birthday the same day, so we’d set up a small birthday party for him.

At the workshop, I focused on everything that is related to the playing of backups and how meaningful and effective accompany the singer. I attempted to take the subject from a philosophical and theoretical point of view, to the skills and knowledge which a player needs to develop in order to be able to efficiently deal with backups and fills.

We had available 6 songs in different keys that were recorded for us by great Slovak country singer Allan Mikusek, for which I am extremely grateful to him. Thus, the students had the opportunity to repeatedly accompany the best of what we have on our scene and also evaluate and analyze their more or less successful attempts.

The songs we dealt with:

  1. 100 Miles – traditional
  2. Poslední Kovboj – Michal Tučný
  3. Annie’s Song – John Denver
  4. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight – Bob Dylan
  5. Padá Dážď – Allan Mikušek
  6. Country Roads – John Denver

The highlight of both workshops was the arrival of Allan himself, with whom I played for students a private mini-concert. Both concerts were very successful and I think everyone was pleased.

I think both dates of the workshop were very pleasant and well over the expectations and despite the fact that the same topic we already had on Resoland Workshop (Resoland no.4), this time we moved a little further and thanks to Allan Mikušek they both were a great experience for all of us.

Instead of pictures this time a short comic report from both workshops: