When I started learning Dobro with Henrich I thought I was an experienced player . Fortunately with the Novak’s method I realized that my experiences were in fact a complete book of all the mistakes possible. I didn’t understand nothing about the instrument.

“With Henrich I really learned what means Dobro playing and more important, I’ve learned music.”

In an easy and funny way. Because Henrich is also a funny guy.

Etiénne, Belgium


I took a one week Dobro class with Henrich in Virton, Belgium, and it was a fantastic experience: Henrich tried very systematically but always interestingly to instill some “Dobro-sense” into us and he was also prepared to play along in a relaxed way with whatever music came along!

“Highly recommended!”

Wolfgang, Belgium


I was at the 29th ‘Musique Acoustique’ Workshop in Virton, Belgium in April 2014, where I attended the excellent resonator workshop led by Henrich Novak.  At the time I was very new to the instrument and had until the workshop only played a little lap steel.  Henrich’s workshop helped me enormously and I am very grateful for the clear manner in which he taught the sessions. I found his approach very logical and his notes and material extremely. I was also able to take plenty of notes of my won which I typed up and bound when I got home for continued reference.  I have since bought a top notch resonator which, thanks to Henrich, I am enjoying playing immensely.
Henrich is one of those rare individuals; a first class musician and a very good teacher.

 “I can heartily recommend Henrich Novak to anyone who wants to learn the resonator guitar or who wants to improve on the skills they may already have.”

I certainly hope to have the pleasure of attending another of his workshops in the future.

Reg, England


I had the pleasure of following a workshop with Henrich Novak in Urbino during the summer of 2014.

“The atmosphere was excellent. The level of tuition as well.”

I really liked the visual part of the scales on the dobro. It is much easier for me to remember which notes belong to the scale in order to play solo’s and free licks. Thanks again Henrich,

Bert, Netherlands


Henrich is not only one of the top reso players in the world, but also an extraordinary teacher too. He not only knows what notes to play and why to play them, but also knows how to get the message across and make his students understand the inner building blocks of the music. The scales and the shapes that these scales draw on the fretboard are essential tools for all reso players and

“the material that he covered at the workshop will help all the workshop students become better players”.

Michael, Germany