Resoland Workshop no.16

(11.-13.10.2019) Topic: B major without a capo

At the 16th Resoland workshop, we looked at the question under what conditions and what might influence the player’s decision to use or not to use the capo on Dobro in keys such as in B major or Bb major.

The workshop was held in a traditional place, as before all the previous ones and the fall weather was nice and pleasant.
The dedication to the instrument of our participants is demonstrated by the fact that one of our pupils – Míša celebrated her birthday on the first day of the workshop and preferred to spend it with us rather than at home with her family.

We also welcomed in our resoland group a new female representative – Iva Voráčková. Welcome among us Iva!
For the demonstration, how the songs sound in B major without the capo, I have chosen the songs:

  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  • Buffalo Gals
  • Rebecca

of which, in particular, the instrument Rebecca written by Herschel Sizemore is without a capo a real challenge, but a beautiful one.
I think that the workshop enriched by a nice celebration of Míša’s birthday was successful and new knowledge will move the students a little further in the knowledge and control of our beloved instrument.