Resoland workshop no.14

(18.5-20.5.2018) Topic: “Do you really know your fretboard”?

14. Resoland workshop was held in the middle of May, during a beautiful weekend.

Although one of our workshops started a similar topic a few years ago, I decided we can take it as a form of repetition, and I believe that there is still room for improvement in this field.

At the lessons, we dealt with these particular things:

  • the essence of “open G major” tuning and how it works on the Dobro
  • the basic G Major Scale (horizontally and vertically on the fretboard)
  • diatonic scale chords (triads), the patterns on different strings and in different positions
  • four-note major and minor, half-diminished chords
  • relations between diatonic scale chords
  • exercises and patterns

Maybe this time there was not as much playing as on the previous workshops and there was lots of music theory stuff, but I really believe, that this basic knowledge, moves my students much further in their musical journey to a better understanding, expressing and more joy from music.