Resoland workshop no.15

(22.-24.3.2019) Topic: Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

The workshop was held in our cabin, like all the previous ones, in Little Carpathian Mountains and despite the spring just started, we had beautiful weather throughout the whole weekend.

This Resoland workshop was focused on improving students’ technique of playing hammer-ons a pull-offs, which are some of the essential techniques of Dobro playing.

We went through the essence of these techniques and explained how to improve and streamline their implementation. I provided lots of exercises and at the end, we utilized them in Mike Auldridge’s tune called Spanish Grass, which to my opinion is a great vehicle to put them in use.

The tune:

  • Spanish Grass
  • lots of Graves, Auldridge, Douglas exercises

An extra bonus of this workshop was the Friday concert “A Little Dobrofest” in Trnava, which was scheduled for the same date as our workshop and where I performed together with great guitarist Peter Luha.  I guess, the student enjoyed the concert and it created a great creative attitude for upcoming lessons.