Resoland workshop no.1

(18.- 20.5. 2012) Topic: Understand your fretboard

During the weekend of the 18th to 20 May. 2012 took place the first of Resoland “face to face” Dobro workshops. The weekend went in an intimate, almost family-like atmosphere in pleasant surroundings of hills and forests in the Little Carpathian Mountains. The entire workshop is based on the close interaction between teacher and students, and a very personal and individual approach to each student. That is why the number of students is limited to the maximum number of five. Participants learned everything they might need for successful playing including scales and harmony in an accessible form, based on years of my experience, they had learned how to build their own break, got the simple clarification of easier and more demanding improvisations. Students had also learned how to find the basic melody, how to develop it, and how to harmonize it. They could ask any question on music theory and practice, with no question left unanswered. The workshop brings knowledge on how to put theoretical information to use and shows the way how to develop it in everyone’s musical future.

Are you asking how to play back up? How to play the song that you like? Do you already play, but would like to break into the mysteries of music theory and know its practical use? Do you want to spend a pleasant musical weekend and learn from one of our most outstanding personalities of bluegrass developments in Europe? Then this workshop is for you, my friend. (article from

You can see some pictures from historically very first Resoland workshop here:

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