Resoland workshop no.3

(12.-14., 19-20.10.2012) Topic: How to create your own break

In the month of October, was held another Henrich Novak’s Dobro workshop, this time focused on creating the musician’s own solos and breaks. For wider interest held on two dates.

It started again as always with a short repetition. Scales, their modes, chords arpeggios, and their use. Subsequently, this knowledge was applied in the selection of picked-up music tracks first in the keys in which these songs are commonly known and sang and consequently also in less common keys for these songs though widely used for different ones.

The highlight of the event was then jamming on particular themes while maintaining the basic melody enriched appropriately by using a theoretical basis of before mentioned above and in different keys.

This time the weather was very nice, so morning mist gave way to the autumn sun still pleasantly warm and the surrounding hills sported colorful garb made up of local, mostly deciduous forests. Students walk there during the afternoon break and could feel the atmosphere very similar to autumn in Wisconsin, Michigan, or the Appalachian Mountains.

Photos from the 3. Resoland workshop:

taken by Michal Nezerka

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