Resoland workshop no.9

(20.3.-22.3.2015) Topic: The Phenomenon of Jerry Douglas part1. – Early Jerry

With the theme of the 9th Resoland workshop – “Early Jerry Douglas”, we opened a series of upcoming workshops dedicated to the phenomenon of “Flux”.

At this time we focused on Jerry’s playing at the beginning of his rich musical career and the start of his dominance on the music field as one of the most influential resonator guitar players.

The workshop was held in early spring, 20.-22. March 2015. The weather was excellent and the atmosphere was great. We even had the time to celebrate a little bit, since the three of us – Mirek Jilek, Jarda Kasik, and my wife Iveta all had birthdays this month. Other participants were Adrienn Body out of Budapest and the first time we welcomed in our resophonic society Mr.Stanislav Turek from Zilina.

The dissolving topic was challenging (Flux is a phenomenon), but all students hold it with good determination. We focused on Jerry’s first recordings and the period of his working with Country Gentlemen, J.D.Crowe and The New South, Boone Creek, including albums like Manzanita or Fluxology. We discussed his unique tone, timing, touch, musical invention, and approach to the melody itself.


Taught songs:

• Red Haired Boy (from Phil Gazell’s – Pace Yourself)

• Little Sadie (from Tony Rice’s – Manzanita)

•  Ginseng Sullivan (from Tony Rice’s – Manzanita)

• Nashville Skyline Rag (from J.D.Crowe and The New South – Holiday in Japan album)

• C-Biscuit (from Jerry’s – Fluxology)


We also explored several of Jerry’s signature licks which made him famous.

Evening’s watching of videos with J.D.Crowe and New South from 1971  had success too.

The workshop was fun, we all had a great time and on Sunday afternoon we scattered to our homes a bit richer and determined to practice more 🙂 because Jerry Douglas was an extraordinary player already in his youth.

Photos from the workshop:

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