Resoland workshop no.4

(8.-10.3.2013) Topic: Backing up, how to play behind the singer

On the 8th-10th of March held the fourth in a series of Resoland workshops, the first of this year. The weather was quite ok (at least it did not rain, sometimes encouraging sun came up) and the amount of snow from the previous week quickly melted (ah, the mud). The Resoland family was this time extended  by Adrienn Bódy from Hungary, a newbie to the workshop, which itself was characterized and running by intensive instruction of the motto: “Who doesn’t resonate – doesn’t live!” (thanks, Mark, for the slogan)
This time the main topic of the workshop was: “Playing accompaniment and back-ups behind the singer” and everything that goes with it.

The songs we have worked on with intensive assistance from Martin Vitásek (vocals, guitar) were:

  • The Fields Have Turned Brown
  • Brand New Tennessee Waltz
  • I Can Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow
  • Rain And Snow

The pictures from the workshop:

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