Resoland Workshop no.6

(27.-29.10.,1.-3.11.2013) Topic: Fiddle Tunes on Dobro in D major

In the months of October-November due to the increased interest this time in two separate weekends, I was teaching at already the sixth of my Resoland Workshop series placed in Little Carpathian Mountains nearby Bratislava, Slovakia. The topic of the workshop this time was appealing Fiddle Tunes for Dobro in D major.
Weather was both times exceptional, in the first of two weekends we even experienced a beautiful “Indian Summer”.
New to the workshops was playing and practicing exercises and given songs with bluegrass ‘play-along’, made exclusively for the purpose of this workshop. (play-alongs are included in the download). A live violinist will be available next time. 🙂
Students also appreciated evening concerts and video’s played directly by a projector on one of the walls of our little cabin. Great evening relaxation to watch videos in human-life size :-).

We started traditionally with memorizing the musical “theory” related to the key of D major, worked on improving our orientation in this key, and on understanding our “fretboard map”. This followed by an analysis of given exercises and learned songs and playing and practicing them.

The tunes we were working on:

  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Sailor’s Hornpipe
  • Liberty
  • Eight Of January
  • Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine

I hope that the workshop fulfilled its purpose, and each participant had taken home new information and skills needed to improve their playing and thus enrich their resophonic world.

Photos from the workshop:

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