Musique Acoustique Workshop in Virton, BE cancelled again

The sad news came from the organizers of the Musique Acoustique Workshop in Virton, BE.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the workshop in Virginia will be closed again this year. Despite the fact that the organizers took measures that would contribute to the safety of the workshop participants, they did not change this in a situation where mass actions need to be revoked from government regulation. It is now the second year that fans of acoustic music will not meet their beloved music.

We can only hope that the situation will gradually improve and that the year of the workshop will finally take place. Till then, everybody be safe and healthy!

Musique Acoustique Workshop in Virton, BE 2021

Hello resophonic friends,

Last year, for objective reasons and partially my subjective ones, we took a long break with all the workshops associated with teaching the Dobro.

I hope that this period is at least more or less behind us and that all the activities, as we were used to, will start slowly.

The first act of the year is the Musique Acoustique Workshop in Virton, Belgium, which will take place in a different regime than in previous years, due to the persisting restrictions.
All necessary information can be found on their website: (available in French and English)

It is important for us that the teaching resophonic guitar (Dobro) is included in the first round, which will take place on April 3-6, 2021.
The maximum number of students in a class is 6, so capacity is limited.

Registration for the workshop started on January 1 and you can register at

If you are interested in the workshop, register, if you want to know more about how the workshop will take place, do not hesitate to contact the organizers.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed that the situation with the pandemic will stabilize so much that the workshop will be able to run smoothly and that we will all finally meet our beloved tools.
with our favorite music.


Musique Acoustique fundraising

I have to say, I feel blessed to be a part of the Musique Acoustique family. What a generous act to organize fundraising for lectors-musicians, who lost the opportunities to perform their occupation during this corona crisis. Along with the students of the workshop, they gathered the money in fundraising and divided it among the teachers. This is not something that might be taken for granted and it makes me speechless. I am deeply touched by this act of humanity. What a pity we couldn’t celebrate together the 35th anniversary of the MA Workshop together this year and I hope we’ll do it in good health next year.
Stay safe and healthy everybody, looking forward to seeing you soon!


dobro workshops

My Dobro teaching in 2020

Here are the confirmed dates of the workshops where I will teach in 2020.

20.-22. March17. Resoland Workshop with the topic “Slants”. Located in the family cabin in Little Carpathians. Only for domestic students. More info here.

6.-11. April – Musique Acoustique in Virton, Belgium. At a time of writing this post, there are a few spots still open. More information, as well as the signing form can be found here.

12.-16. July – Bluegrass and Wellness Workshop. A unique workshop organized by my fellow guitarist Ondra Kozak in beautiful Slovak mountains suitable for the whole family. More information is on Ondra’s web site here.

2.-4. October – Adiaha’s Bluegrass Camp. A prestigious workshop located in beautiful Aschau im Chiemgau in Bavaria, Germany. More info can be found here.

6.-8. November18. Resoland Workshop (the topic is not yet determined). Located in the family cabin in Little Carpathians. Only for domestic students. More info here.

4.-6. December – 3.Brussels Workshop. For the third time now, the resonator guitar workshop located in Perwez near Brussels, Belgium.
More info directly from me or from Dominique Lambin here.

I would love to see you and resonate at some of these events!

Have a nice 2020 full of great experiences with your resonator guitar!

2nd Brussels Resoland Workshop

I’ll be teaching Dobro guitar in Brussels, BE on November 29.-December 1. 2019.

If you are a player who wants to improve their playing skills or if you want to learn something new regarding the instrument or techniques, there are a few spots still open.

The fee for the workshop is 115€ (Accommodation is not provided.)

For more detailed information please contact Mr. Dominique Lambin at or directly myself via the contact page on this site.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Where I’ll be teaching the Dobro in 2018

As for now, there are several workshops confirmed for 2018.

First one is Barcelona Bluegrass Camp which will be held on March 2.-3. in Barcelona, Catalonia. More infos in previous post or their website here.

Second workshop is traditionally Musique Acoustique in Virton, Belgium. The date is: April 2.-7. and more informations might be found here.

The last, so far set up workshop is a unique one organized by my fellow guitarist Ondra Kozak in beautiful Slovak moutains and called Bluegrass and Wellness Workshop. The date is July 15.-19. More informations  are on Ondra’s web site here.

I would love to see you and resonate at some of these events!

Stay tuned for updates, some other workshops might happen during the year as well as my personal Resoland workshops will be announced as the dates will be set-up.

Several dates with Slovak country singer Allan Mikusek

It was my pleasure to play several unplugged concerts with my old pal and amazing singer Allan Mikusek around Slovakia this winter.

Allan also recorded soundtracks for my 13th Resoland Workshop dealing with backups and playing behind the singer. (13.Resoland Workshop) He also contributed on both dates of the workshop by performing with me for the students. Thank you very much, buddy!

Here is a video of Allan’s original as we informaly performed for the students at the workshop: